Chapter Six – The X Man with Brian Solis

7 - Featured ImageThe experience customers have with a brand or a product determines their satisfaction and whether they return or not. Quality is important, a good product is important, but a bad customer experience can easily wipe out all your efforts.

Many underestimate the importance of having the end user experience front and centre, when developing your products, and your brand.

On the other hand, those who get it right prosper.

Brian Solis

Brian Solis

Brian Solis

One man who understands this to a fault is the author of a book dedicated to this principle: X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

In this book Brian “introduces the importance of experiences as the new brand, bringing the worlds of CX, UX and BX together to re-imagine the customer journey and lifecycle.”

Define The Experience

Imagine an experience style guide where everybody within the company knows how to treat the customer and where the customer is within its lifecycle.

It is amazing that, when you listen to Brian or read the book, there are so many companies out there which do not have this as their first order of business. Then again, this might make sense when you consider that some elements in our society do not move as fast as you’d might think.

Technology does move quickly, and as individuals we adapt quickly enough. But the big machines which keep the companies running have difficulty keeping up.

Think sans Tech

In essence, if we can image the customer journey without the use of technology, we can understand this element in a new way.

Or rather, in quite an old way.

The way customers were treated in that local store on mainstreet, where s/he was treated as royalty. Simply because the owner (and therefore all his personnel) understood the importance of a happy customer. He put that customer front and centre, made them feel like the most important person in the world.

As a consequence, the advertising this customer would do based on her/his experience would be priceless. And odds would be s/he would return, again, and again.

I hope you enjoy the conversation I had with Brian, I sure did.

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