The Connected CEO – Chapter Five w/ Peter Sorgenfrei


peter sorgenfreiNot being able to work within one single environment as a company is still a challenge for most companies, if not all. Even a start-up like Somewhere has to deal with this.

And even if you have your document management in house, you still have to deal with different external entities, and, invariably, they use different tools, this is unavoidable. Only *.csv is a commonly accepted format which allows interaction, but beyond than that.., it tends to get tricky.

This is something that is still happening, and despite the progress we make, we still run around from platform to platform. Which, in turn, makes it a challenge to have a 100% controlled information environment within a business.

The advancement of API’s might be able create a layer where these different platforms are able to communicate which each other. This would help a lot for future developers. But we’re not there yet, if ever.

Peter Sorgenfrei

Peter Sorgenfrei

Peter Sorgenfrei

It’s not about technology, it’s how we use technology.

Peter Sorgenfrei is a prolific connector. He’s the kind of person who knows how to use a platform to it’s fullest. In his current position as CEO for Somewhere, this is a very convenient skill to have.

Somewhere “helps you augment your resume with a profile that shows how you think about work.”

This is stimulating in a couple of ways, the first that springs to my mind is a less formal platform. LinkedIn is packed to the rafters with rules, how to’s and protocols. The sheer amount of “how to use linkedin” articles shows that you can’t just hop on and use it.

Still, Somewhere allows you to showcase what it is that you do, what you think, even how you feel. All in all, it feels much more human, which is nice.

Trust and Freedom

This discussion is broad one, one in which the complete lack of structure in this podcast allows us to let the discussion move from how we use technology, to the human connections and the development of how we connect all these “things” in our day-to-day lives. And yes, this does include work.

And, as with many conversations about Digital Transformation, the human connection comes up. In particular about how we go about treating employees.

When trust is wanted, trust must be given.

With allowing certain freedoms in the workplace, leadership can easily, and quickly determine whether or not someone is a good fit within a company. And let’s face it, in the end, what you want is people around you who fit well enough. And this goes both way, as an employer, if you have that luxury, finding a good fit will make the difference in a happy working environment and just work.

I hope you enjoy the conversation:

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